It’s time to “circle the wagons” again!

by Marjorie on April 3, 2013

Hello friends and family of “We Heart Charlotte”. Our little Champ, Charlotte, is back in the hospital and has started the Bone Marrow Transplant process. The family needs help with meals at home for Bella, Ethan, Jillian, Simon and Aunt Kathy. Here’s an easy way to get the job done by signing up to…

Take or send them a Meal

P.S. You don’t even need to be in Denver to do it ; )


Charlotte Mary Varney

by Jillian Varney on December 20, 2012

Charlotte is a sweet little girl who loves to have fun and barely ever frowns. She is full of sunshine and loves everyone she meets. She doesn’t deserve cancer but she got it anyway. So she needs help. 


Welcome to “We Heart Charlotte”

December 15, 2012

Charlotte Varney is a 3 1/2 year old that has been diagnosed with cancer. The “We Heart Charlotte” community will support Charlotte, and her family, through her journey back to full health. Opportunities to help the family through meals, errands and chores are available, as well as financial donations, coming soon. Words of support are […]

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