Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte is the youngest child of five, to Scott and Esther Varney. On December 13, 2012, Esther shared the following with the “We Heart Charlotte” community,

I know that there are many, many people who are sending good thoughts and prayers to Charlotte. Here is the latest information that we have:

The pathology on the tumor has come back and it is an anaplastic medulloblastoma with diffuse metastasis. Those are fancy words for an aggressive tumor sitting right above the brain stem that has spread like a coating down the sheath around the spinal cord.

The surgery on Monday was successful in removing most of the tumor. The surgeon left some in as planned so as not to endanger the sensitive structures of brain tissue underneath. Chemo and radiation were already going to be required to address the metastasis. Now that we know that the tumor is anaplastic, we must embark on a very aggressive course of treatment that will involve chemo and radiation together as well as stem cell transplant to replace damaged bone marrow. The trick is to attack the cancer without doing too much damage.

Charlotte will be here at Children’s for the next week or ten days while she recovers from the surgery and then she will start the first chemo round that will include stem cell collection.

We are not sure when we will get to go home but Charlotte is working on PT to get her strength back. The percentages are not in her favor but who cares about percentages? She is strong and she is going to kick cancer’s ass.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive. We love you all.

Scott and Esther